We are a company that designs and manufactures anti-vibration components. Based on our extensive experience since 1985 and our continuous development, we provide our clients with the most practical, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions to be used anywhere in the world, with our presence in Asia, America and Europe.

Research & Development

Caucho Metal Productos develops R&D and innovations projects in its technical centre to obtain new products and services for its clients, as well as innovative and more efficient processes for its manufacturing plants.

The results of these activities allow us to progress sustainably and competitively.

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Quality, Environment & OHS Policy

Caucho Metal Productos’ Quality and Environmental Policy is designed to meet the needs and expectations of our clients in terms of design, quality, costs and service, minimising pollution of our surroundings and fulfilling legal requirements in environmental matters.

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Caucho Metal Productos offers its customers design, prototype, development, formulation and test services.

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Manufacturing plant

Caucho Metal Products do Brasil, Ltda


10 MAY 2019 Caucho Metal Productos Group will introduce the technology of rotated multi-station injection machine in Manufacturing

Caucho Metal Productos has bought 4 rotated multi-station machines of last generation technology of machine leader manufacturer REP ...

Caucho Metal Group will open a new Manufacturing Plant in Algeria in 2022

Volkswagen Group and Caucho Metal Productos have achieved an agreement to develop and manufacturing anti-vibrations parts of front suspension of high volume platforms...

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