Quality, Environment & OHS Policy

  • The Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy (SST) of CMP S.L. is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers in terms of Design, Quality, Costs, Service and SAfety, minimizing the contamination of our environment and complying with legal environmental and another requirements in matter of environment and SST snd as well as any other initiative that the organization subscribe.

  • It will provide a frame of reference for the establishment of the objectives to be marked by the organization.

  • To achieve customer satisfaction, we rely on the maximum development of our human and technical capacity and on the participation of our Suppliers.

  • We are aware that in the Involvement and Motivation of Our Employees is the guarantee of our future and the security for the people that we form in CMP, SL establishing a commitment for consultation and participation of all workers.

  • We apply for each activity Continuous Improvement, teamwork, prevention of environmental pollution, as well as accomplish each activity correctly from the first time in a safe and healthy work environment, eliminating the dangers and reducing the risks.

  • We adopt the necessary measures to promote the continuous improvement of the performance and the management of SST, oriented to prevent the injuries and the damage and deterioration of the health of employees and obtaining in the same time, a true preventive culture integrate in all hierarchical levels of the organization.

  • We apply the concept of Total Quality in the pursuit of Excellence in product quality, as well as in the procedures and functions.

  • We evaluate and monitor the impact of our activities on our environment, fulfilling at all times the regulatory requirements.

  • We adopt measures to prevent accidental releases of chemicals substances. If that occurs, we take the necessary actions to minimize any impact they may have on the environment.

  • We provide to the organization an Effective System of Segregation and Waste Management.

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