• Caucho Metal Productos is a Spanish family group with more than 40 years of experience in the automotive sector. Continuing the industrial tradition of the group, Caucho Metal Productos was created in 1985 as a company dedicated to manufacturing anti-vibration systems (AVS), with the aim of being the leading supplier for these types of components.

  • Throughout its history, Caucho Metal Productos has evolved continuously following two main strategies: international expansion and growth in its development capacity.

  • Caucho Metal Productos was determined in its bid for internationalisation, and as early as 1999 it installed a production plant in Brazil to cover the South American market. Later, in an environment of growing demand within Europe, it decided to continue its expansion and started up a new production plant in Sibiu (Romania) in 2006. The next step in the globalisation strategy was to establish itself in the emerging Asian markets, beginning its activity in 2008 with Caucho Metal Productos Suzhou in China. With the aim to reinforce its presence on the American continent, Caucho Metal Productos de México was formed in 2015 to supply manufacturers in Central and North America.

  • Caucho Metal Productos is consistently dedicated to increasing and improving its development capacity. In 2005, a commercial and technical support office was created in Germany so as to have a better proximity to clients and facilitate relations with them. Later, in 2012, the international structure, growth and greater complexity of product developments and processes lead to a restructuring of the company. This was to strengthen the roles of the headquarters and to create the group´s Technical Centre located in Logroño, La Rioja (Spain), responsible for the group's innovation and development. This was followed by an expansion of the Technical Centre, with an extension opening in Koblenz (Germany) in 2014. This allowed for more collaborative work with the technical centres of European clients and currently continues with the plan to launch another extension to the Technical Centre in China in 2016 as the next step.

  • As a result of this evolution throughout its history, Caucho Metal Productos is now a group that is consolidated as a global organisation with more than 550 employees all over the world. It has 5 production plants spread over 3 continents and a highly qualified technical centre with an international presence.